Friday, August 12, 2011

It has been awhile

Neglected blog... How me.

What's new?

Yay, will be having a Rabbit in Jan 2012. Placenta previa but hope everything will turn out find. Last night I he turned my belly into a bean shaped. Yes, doc said most likely a "he" during the last check up. Will scan again soon.

Double yay! It all happened in lighting speed.
Have an idea, waiting for the right time, no further planning. Then one day receive a call to look at an available lot @ central market, then the mood to start the boutique business came. 6 Aug, went to Kota Damansara to survey the fashion district, and found the empty lot. By the way, had a long and serious discussion with Tun about ground floor or first floor. Called the number shown and arranged for a viewing the next day. Next day, met the owner and await for her to come back with a good price to take over her lot that comes with some furniture and renovation.
Negotiated the price for almost 3 days and finally she agreed to our price plus some extra request.

11 Aug 2011 : The Lollipop House is officially a registered company!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Dear Friend

A dear friend from high school in KK came visit. This is her regular once a year get-away to KL for shopping, but she came at the wrong time. Haha, why? The Mega Sale only starts that Friday after she left. Booooo...
We gathered at Starhill's Jack's Charboil. Food was ok but the chat was the greatest. Fun and funny. We didn't have enough and we had to head over to Lot 10 food court to continue filling our belly.
I hope Denise had great time here and hope she had accomplished most of what she wanted to, except for the shopping, I guess.
See you again!

Gerald boy is 1

He turned 1 on 12 March 2011.
It was a small affair with a group of close family and friends, with a small cake.
Dinner was great, minus the over-killed amount of food.
We shall have a bigger and proper party when he is old enough to enjoy.

The muscle boy went for his MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) Jap. He now weighs 9.4kg and 73cm tall. He runs most of the time and cries/whines very very often that really drives me crazy. He understands us more now. He lies down when told, he take off his shirt when told but he never stop doing things that we told him NOT to. blah.....

Monday, February 28, 2011

Gerald boy

He is just so adorable.
He eats regularly, sleeps regularly.
Still refuse to sit in his car sit until we reach destination.
Still refuse to poo in potty.
Still refuse to leave all the remote controls alone.
He learns super fast.
He can show signs like "pa pa (afraid/scared)", "bao bao (full)", "no more", don't want", "fan", "how fan turn", "where is TV", "which is clock", "hi-5", "bye bye", "where is monkey (his fav soft toy now)", "where is bear bear"

He bit his own tongue when he fell slightly yesterday. His tongue bleed.
He showed me his tongue when I said "show mama, euk (my tongue out)"

I can't wait for him to meet his relatives from America. Unfortunately xiao yi can't make it.

The Lollipop House - Is this a good brand name

Where do I want to take my hobby?
Do I want to make it to a formal business? Though it has already become a small business.
I have yet to figure it out. I want to be able to have my own little handcraft, art and lifestyle boutique, but I wouldn't want to hire people to produce what I have came up with so far. I want my handmade really made by myself. I do not wish to expand my handmade but I would like to create a place for my handmade and other stuff that I like.
See... this is confusing because I am confused.
I love attending bazaars once a while, especially loving art and handmade bazaars as the customers do really appreciate the things that we made. Unlike fashion bazaar where all customers will always ask for discount, even thought it is just RM 7.90. They don't appreciate because they simply don't care.

I shall put more thoughts into this and hopefully I will have a clearer vision and objective. This questions sticks longer as Tun asked me about it today. I have thought about it, but it is very different from what he proposed.

Anyway, I have Gerald boy to cheer me up a bit.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Little CNY 2011

3 Feb 2010, 1st day of Chinese New Year. We woke up early and all dressed up in red. Gerald boy was real curious about what's going on. We gave him ang pow but he doesn't know what was that and as what he usually does, put it in his mouth....
Our CNY is pretty much the same as previous years, just that this time around, we have a little boy to cheer us up. I suppose I must have gained a few pound.

It was a spontaneous decision to go Singapore wit Mom and Sis in Law + Aunty Tan. We planned that in 2 days time and I did my short research on places that I want to go to check out some craft supplies.

1) People's Center - China Town for beads and charms
2) Arab Street - Bugis for fabric

Went to Arab street on the first day, 2 long rows of shops, very nice fabric, but pricey due the the exchange rate of RM 2.50 : SGD $ 1, in the end, I didn't buy any from there. Behind Arab street, we came across a small lane, called Haji Lane, and we discovered the 2 rows of indi boutique that carries very unique and nice stuff, range from fashion apparels, vintage items to accessories. I am so inspired and hope that 1 day I can have shop like this of my own....

I tasted my 1st macaroon in Singapore : ) costing SGD$2/pc. Tasted good, but don't have the craving for it again.

NExt day, set off to People's Centre by myself at 9am after breakfast, the rest of them went to the temple. It was a fun trip going around by myself. I roamed around China Town by myself as the shops are not opened before 11am. Very good experience. Bought some supplies and head back to meet up with the rest. As our bus ride is at 5pm, Yin and I took off to explore Sentosa Island. This is not my 1st time to Sentosa, but it's my 1st after the Casino by Genting Group is opened. It was fun and HOT!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Chinese New Year Again

I used to hate Chinese New Year so so much and I always pray that we can skip this particular holiday, which is supposed to be a celebration.
What I hate?
1) I hate to clean house
2) I hate the idea that we MUST get new clothing.
3) I hate to be asked whether I have done my CNY shopping
4) I hate to be asked to go for CNY shopping
5) I hate visiting dad's friends house because I didn't like to sit there and occasionally heard that daddy told his friends we were stupid kids
6) I hate visiting other people's house cause I didn't have any nice clothing and shoes, no need to say new.
7) I hate cooking for 30th night, which I think we didn't/occasionally did.

Today, some of these have changed.
1) I still hate to clean house, especially by myself only
2) I still hate the idea that we MUST get new clothing, but I LOVE to get new clothing
3) I love to do my CNY shopping, for Tun, Gerald boy and house
4) I love to be asked to go for CNY shopping but seems like everybody is working when I can shop
5) I love visiting friends and family's house so that Gerald boy gets to meet different people and know who is who
6) I still don't like, personally, but not hate, to visit other people's house, cause I am just shy
7) so far, I have never cooked for the 30th dinner ever since I came to KL

I look forward to the coming CNY 2011 as this is our 1st CNY with Gerald Boy and his grandma and Gu Je is coming back from America. I wish his yi yi-s and yi zhang were here too.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Paper Monster

Gerald boy had his first walk in the park. Walked while holding my hand of course.
He ate some paper.
He took some of my scrap fabric, small piece, and put in his mouth. I didn't realise until I saw him chewing and quickly opened his mouth, like how one opens a dog's mouth, and remove it. Phew... Today, he ate some paper again. Damn.... can't give him any book made out of paper.

Do you remember what you did last night?

"You put your hand under my pillow and were looking for something, asking me "where is it?". So I asked you "what is it?", "what are you looking for?" and you said "Huh? Oh, I was dreaming." "
This conversation happened last night with Tun before bed and I have no recollection of any of the above mentioned. Maybe he is the one dreaming.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blind Me

I have totally forgotten about our Anniversary!!
We have been married for 2 years. We have not celebrated any of the anniversary.
What a romantic couple huh : )

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year 2011

I usually have none, but this year, I wish
~ to travel
~ to improve TLH, produce more designs, explore more opportunity to expand
~ to perhaps expand my little family
~ to be more patient
~ to gain new skills
~ to have better time management

Year 2010

~ Most amazing thing happened. Gerald boy arrived into our little family on 12 March 2010, 3.59am at 3.49kg
~ Started bazaar again in Aug 2010 and TLH had been expanding.
~ Started expanding to Cube Cube but not doing so well
~ New opportunity came knocking my door, wholesale deal from Miif Plus.
~ Found a new bazaar partner, my ex colleague, Tasha.
~ Ended Cube Cube but starting to sell in OffLine Blogshop in Sunway Pyramid.

9 months (36weeks)

He eats well, sleeps better, whine more, demand more attention, and overall, a healthy happy baby.
He stands quite steadily, walked a few steps too. He is just adorable.

Friday, December 10, 2010


He walked a few steps now. His daddie really taught him well : )
He tried all kind of food. Pumpkin, apple, celery, carrot, potato, orange, papaya, jambu air, banana cake, carrot cake, wholemeal bread, porridge, fish......... so far so good, depends on his mood sometimes. But he doesn't look like he has grown heavier. Hmm...
Me? Am busy with bazaar. Try to save some money to visit America.
Tun? Stressed out from work. Can tell from his face. But he doesn't bring the stress back, he loves Gerald boy so much : )

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What's Up December

Haven't been blogging for sometime.
Busy with new projects, new business plans, preparing more bazaars, crafting and of course, MY BABY!!

He had been quite difficult lately. Refused to sit in the high chair during meals, sometimes difficult to finish his food, and finally, 2 days ago, I lost it. I left him alone crying in the hall and I went up to calm myself down. When he stopped crying, I would just peeped at him and left him alone. Seriously stressed out. Hope he will grow out of it soon.

Business is slow online, offline was ok for November. The big break came from the wholesale order.
I have a new bazaar kaki, or I call her my bazaar partner. She is a designer and she sew her own clothing. She just started in June/July 2010 and her 1st bazaar was with me. So far our partnership has grown to friendship. She was my ex-colleague, but we were never really like talking colleague, not close at all. I don't think we converse in more than 10 sentences during those time in FJB. I got to know about her current business thru another ex-colleague, used to be quite close with her as we were in the same team, things change after she quit. Anyway, my new bazaar partner is Tasha, her brand is Mood Fashion Store and her business is slowly growing. She is getting more contacts from bazaar and had received some orders from there. At least now she can see the results. Hope our partnership can grow into business. Recently she received request to do bridesmaid dress and Tun suggested if we can work together, where we can suggest if the customer wants to order accessories as well. Well, brilliat Tasha didn't even thought about asking, she just asked what's my budget and incorporated that into the package : dress + accessorie. Brilliant!! If this order goes through then it is a start of Mood Fashion & TLH's collaboration. Yuhoo~~~~
Go go The Lollipop House !!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

1st Big Order

I was recently contacted via Email for a request for wholesale.
It came as a surprise but was excited about it. A meeting was quickly set up and I have met with Mimmy, the owner of upcoming MIIF store.
The new store concept is very interesting as there aren't any around, not that I know of, in Klang Valley. The interior design of the boutique is clean, simple but very cozy. I hope this deal will go through and am working over time to complete my collection and meet up again for her final buy. Fingers crossed.

Another business plan is to look into expanding it to mall. Have tried a Cube Store in Skudai, Johor, but that is not working for me. The rental there is cheap but the crowd is wrong. Was at Mahkota Parade yesterday to check out The Rooms, another of the cube concept, rental is higher, location is not so impressing for me, and the interior of the shop doesn't impress me too. Was contemplating and finally decided that I will give it a pass right now. Well, if I am just selling to cover the rental of the cube, why bother? Moreover there's always a risk of making a loss, like Skudai's. Bottom line, go with my heart, if I don't feel confident, forget about it.
Gerald boy followed us to Melacca, Tun was there for business and we tag along. I initially planned to go on Sunday, and this opprtunity is just right.
Gerald boy is really difficult whenever we go to a mall, in the car and in the mall, what's up with him? I got real frustrated whenever he cried in the car. Can't even concentrate on driving. Now we know why Britney had her kids on her lap while driving, else she would have run her car into a tree, if she had not put her kid with her.... sigh........
This month am pack with Flea/Art Market.
7/11 Kaka Art Market @ Shaw Parade
13/11 POCC Charity Market @ Zouk KL
20/11 GLAM Street No.5 @ Lot 10
27/11 Crafty Art Market @ Jaya One
28/11 Kutu Market 3 @ Metropolitan Square
Phew.... work work work........ to earn enough to visit my little nephew Jonathan : )

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Menu of The Day

7AM Breakfast : Milk 8 oz
10.30AM Brunch : 5scoops cereal, 4 oz milk
2PM Lunch : Pumpkin Puree
4PM Snack : Farley's Rusk x 1.5
6PM Dinner : 5 scoop cereal
9PM Supper : 8 oz milk

Oi Oi luuu

Friday, October 1, 2010

Night is a nightmare

Gerald boy is having difficulty sleeping.
Every night, 2 nights ago, he cried so hard, and wouldn't want to go to bed.
When he is in the room and the lights is off, he cried, when he is out of the room, he is ok.
Am not sure what is wrong.

Since he was like 1.5 - 2months old, he always wake up at night crying. We have been feeding him water only, most of the time he would go back to sleep, but this habit is taking a toll on us. Really hope he can grow out of it soon.

I think he enjoyed his baby cereal.
He dislike my fish porridge, which in the end I ate it.
Today, he likes the mashed milky banana that I prepared, as he had not poo for 2 days. Finally, soon after the banana, the poo is out, and texture is quite hard.

Our 1st Family Trip

Our very 1st Family Trip was to IPOH!!
Tun had to attend a wedding dinner, so Gerald boy and I tag along.
Was initially quite worried that he may not willing to sit in his car seat the whole journey, or he might fee sick, BUT, he slept, almost, thru the whole journey. We stopped once to stretch our legs and continue.
Very fun trip, even though short.
Start at 1.00PM arrive around 3PM.
Set out to Ipoh Old Town to have a coffee fix and I finally get to eat the toast with half boiled egg n sausage set, + of course the famous white coffee... so good, but because we were there quite late, we were the last customer. I had to stuff everything into my mouth quickly, so, I didn't really get to savour the coffee at my own sweet time.
We head back to hotel and Gerald boy refused to sleep. 7PM, sent Tun to his wedding dinner, using the not so dependable GPS (the map is out dated) but still manage to find our way and I manage to get out of the place too. Met up with Pei Yee n Yeng, my ex-guess-staff and we had Thai food. Gerald boy caught his short nap there. I think it must be the half boiled egg that caused my stomach discomfort, and again, I didn't manage to savour the Tom Yam Soup : (
Gerald boy was quite ok with Pei Yee n Yeng, he allowed them to carry and play with him : ) unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of them.
Gerald boy refused to sleep early, only fall asleep at 12am. He woke up crying again mid night and kept squeezing to his daddy's side till daddy had to sleep at the edge of the bed.
"I saw your side of the bed as if I saw HEAVEN~~~" thats what he told me in the morning. Poor man
Tun's colleague in Ipohh brought us out for dim sum at xin tai fung, then we head on to Toyota branch. As Gerald boy fell asleep in the car, I had to stay with him. After that, I dropped by a big shop, actually a whole row along the road were selling the same thing, but I think I chose the wrong shop, but I still bought something, plastic flowers and butterfly, to do some accessories.
Then we stopped by a Toyota dealer. Ben, the owner, brought us out for lunch, another Thai, food was good. Then Ben brought us to buy our Ayam Garam (Yim Kuk Gai) then went to get a taste of 1st "Drive Thru Tau Fu Fa", nothing special, just for the fun of it.
Basically, that's the end of our trip in Ipoh and again Gerald boy slept through the journey, almost, again.
Hope to do that again soon.
It was a memorable one.
Oh, Gerald boy bathe in hotel basin, haha...

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Gerald boy got his 3rd dose of Hep B.
Current weight 7.58kg.
He knows how to stand in the cot by pulling the railing as support.
He started eating cereal, I think he likes it.
We got a walker for him yesterday, actually YeYe got it for him, he didn't like it yesterday, but I think he likes it today.
He started to be more difficult and would cry, or should I say cry-scream....loud!! if he wants something..... stubborn, got it from me.

Me :
Another craft party, but a mini one.
Florence, is the organizer, and I got to know 2 new young friends, Alicia and Wen. They are all chinese speaking.
We learnt how to do "Kou Jing Bao" from Florence. Easy as she had already prepared all the materials for us, we just need to sew. But when she explained how to draft the pattern, I went nuts............ I don't think I remember.
I kinda "interviewed" Florence. She has a blogshop. She specialized in fabric products and occasionally does jewelry. She is a full time handcrafter from Ipoh. She came down specially for this party, of course with some other plans too. She started 5 years ago and was tough in the beginning. What I found our is that everyone will reach a "point", where they need to do something, when they finally, all of a sudden, have the courage or determination to do something, to take the 1st step. And from that 1st step, she made it.... Success doesn't land on you, you need to walk to it, and find your way there. I am inspired. I will work harder.

Oh, I was overwhelmed with so many surprises.
I got an email to be interviewed and featured by The Sun, a FREE paper in Malaysia.
Soo Wern Jun is the writer and we did the informal interviewed yesterday. I hope the write-up would be good. And most importantly, my pictures would be amazing!!!
Secondly, I received another email from CLEO magazine citing they wanna feature my Lollipops in their Nov issue. Sent them some pics and hope it comes out well. Writer is Deborah Raj.
Thirdly, Nixen Teoh called, My Ex Boss in Guess. Asked me out for lunch on Monday. I guess he just want to "test water" to see if I would go back to work for him..... Unless his offer is so so good that I cannot refuse, else, nah........
Fourth, I had a drink with Sylvia Lee, ex colleague from Guess too. She is not working and is working on her online shop too, focusing in baby apparels. Little Buttons. But I think she has not reach the "point" yet. Hope she will make the move.
Fifth, tomorrow is FAB!! Bazaar @ Solaris Dutamas. I have made special display with cartons. My theme is "Reuse and Recycle with TLH!"
Sixth, signed up with Chic Pop 5 . Hope I can get a spot this time.


Saturday, September 11, 2010


# 1 : suppose to bake Molten Choco Cake as a surprise for Tun's coming Birthday, but 2 attempts wasn't up to my expectation. My Sifu, Denise, had recommended me another simple recipe, Tim Tam truffles.... hehe... this is so much easier. Will try it out this week.
# 2 : Gerald boy has grown, in terms of behaviour, but not much on weight. He cried less, and we can carry him less as he can sit by himself quite steady and can play by himself. Started crawling, which means someone needs to watch him. He surprised me last Thurday when he suddenly stood up by holding on to the cot's railing. So surprised, happy and worried at the same time, immediately pull the railing up to highest, in case he climb out. Phew..... He seems to understand what we say, sometimes. He is currently 7.5kg.
# 3 : The Lollipop House had participated 4 bazaars/art market since August 2010. Sales from each events varied accordingly. Online sales was good last month before Raya. Wonder how will it be after that. I have a few more bazaar coming up, hence busy making more Lollipops to be sold. SOmetimes ideas just came flushing into my mind and I can't wait to start working but by the time I sat down in front of the work table, my mind is blank. I just do not have the habit of writing or jotting the ideas down. Another progress is that I have officially opened my 1st "Cube Store" @ Skudai Parade's Cube Cube Store. Started on 14/8/10 but till now only sold 1 unit. I guess I need to change the products there, to some cute stuff. Arghhh... so much to do with only so much time and 2 hands.
# 4 : Cooking. Still experiencing but the taste of dishes sometimes varies. I need to look into that.
# 5 : I need to EXERCISE!!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

G Boy can sit

He can officially sit quite steadily.
He is already 5 mths old. Time flies.

Tun is losing weight day by day.
Interrupted sleep can be fatal!!!
But he refuse to sleep in the other room by himself.

The Milk Toof Fella

Found this very cute site My Milk Toof. The funny acts of the Milk Toof Ickle and Lardee.
Check it out. Very entertaining. These can be stories to our children ; )

Saturday, August 7, 2010

2nd Market - Glam Street @ MAP, Solaris Dutamas

Today's my 2nd flea market of the year.
Woke up very early. Got there very early, but couldn't find the entrance, and wasted 40 min of petrol going round n round, and no breakfast, so frustrated.
Set up and packing took quite long time. This is the process that I hate.
The process that I love, of course is "Selling", espeicallly when they like my handmade.
Today sale were mostly from imported accessories, was doing promo to quickly get rid of them to recover some cash.
Overall sale was ok, not Excellent as compare to last years "Lelong-Lelong" market.
Hope the coming Raya will help more.

Discover a new place in Skudai where you can rent a "Cubie Shop".
Rented a place there. Will start on 15/8/10.
After Glam Street, this is my next project.

And I managed to sell my new handmade headband that I sew ; )
No pics.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hmm.. have not been updating for some time. Busy with lotsa things.
Last week : busy preparing for my 1st comeback to the bazaar scene. Like making more pendants and necklaces, display, signages, etc.
Well, the bazaar response wasn't fantastic but I didn't make a loss, so I suppose it's still ok. It was held at Royal Selangor Club Kiara, where they were holding the Youth Cricket Tournament. Well, those there are rich people, so......, not sure, just not a good crowd. I wasn't having high expectation anyway.
This Saturday is my 2nd bazaar at WhiteBox, MAP Solaris. I have high expectation over this. Am prepating for more pro looking and organised display.
I have been hand sewing hair scrunchies for the past 2 weeks and it really takes a long time. Finally, I can't stand it anymore, as I am making hairbands for this Sat bazaar, so I tried to check on the antique sewing machine that we have at home. Have been playing with it the whole afternoon, trying my hand on it, checking youtube for relevant video, slowly got it but just couldn't solve the problem of tangle thread. Finally, my saviour came home (Father In Law) and I asked him to teach me. And it's so simple. Hahaha, have made a bunch of bands but still need to improve on the quality.
Apart from that, Gerald boy again.
He had Eczema, rashes on skin most probably due to milk allergy towards milk, and had been applying cream, so far so good. Pretty common for babies.
BUT, this morning, I saw his head and neck with RED spots, heck, it's that stupid mosquito. Been trying to "Slap" him last night but it was too smart. Poor Gerald boy.
Also, he can sit without support for like 30 seconds. good progress but do not want to overdo it
: P

I think thats about it for now. Ooo, and my cooking, I think, has improved hoho.

Monday, July 26, 2010

MCG and Ultra Sound

Today's the MCG test and Ultra SOund check on G boy's kidney and bladder.
Tun and I were outside the X-Ray room while the doc and nurses perform MCG on him. They inserted the catheter thru his penis to insert dye, thereafter when he pees, x ray images will be taken to see if there's any reflux. We heard him made some noise but not crying. After a while, he started screaming. Tun said he heard the nurse "Shi Shi" him, I suppose he scream coz he wanted someone to carry him. When the nurse came out to call me, the other nurse was holding him up straight and he wasnt crying. And suddenly, he started "spraying" at the nurses and they panicked and the doc ran in, coz they need to capture the images when he pees. SO funny.
Result : VUR Grade 2 (mild reflux to left kidney but not dilated). Kidney and bladder size and shape are normal.
Dr. Paranjothy : No preventive measures will be taken as Grade 2 is mild and usually baby grows out of it. Just need to monitor his fever, if any, to do urine test immediately.
Phew~~~~ what a relieve. I hope UTI wont recur.
Will circumsize him soon.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Craft Party @ WonderMilk D'sara Utama

Group photo of participant @ Craft Party. This is just some of the participants. Some of them had already left.

Decoupage, thats what they call it.
Cut out desire image and paste it on anything that you like using ModPodge.
This is a tea light candle cup

The organizer, Murni on the 1st left. We had great fun.
Manage to distribute out my name cards haha

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Am suppose to collect my car registration card from Ambank in Jln Yap Kwan Seng but I can't (no car, Tun has to go to work at 12pm, initially I thought I can do it before 12PM BUT the bank said can only collect after 12PM :*(

Tough time with Gerald boy. He enjoys turning so much that he cannot stop.
Once, he was on the floor mat, rolling, but he lost his balance and fell to the other side and knock his head on our super hard marble floor, I couldn't save him on time. I was just next to him. Poor baby screaming away and phobia of the place for 1/2 an hour. Kelian.....

Couldn't sleep well last night. Guess I only fall asleep after 2am but heard Gerald boy "kek kek kek" and woke me up. After that I slept. Caffein has never has any effect on me but this time around, I suspect the white coffee I had at 6PM was the culprit. While I couldnt fall asleep, was thinking about TLH.

So, was thinking of trying to do scrunchie. Re-watch the youtube video and attempted. Failed on the 1st 2 attempts, 3rd was ok. Still can be better, but I would consider that 90% pass in terms of workmanship. Took me about 30 min (with some minor set-back, hehe)

Tun is off to Genting to attend their Toyota Conference. Will only be back tomorrow noon. I think I am not going to cook, lazy. The cooking is fun, but the cleaning is a big turn-off. So i will declare offday today.

It's a rainy day, so no laundry.

Basically, I didn't do much housework today. Good, cause I am lack of sleep. Hohoho!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Failed Failed Failed!!! I am frustrated

Why? Cause i planned to complete a series of tile pendant today but this wasn't the day.
I wasted about 6+ pic cards as there were bubbles when i put the tile on. Heck!!!
For quality sacks, I rather lose a few cards then giving customers lousy stuff.....
Will try again tomorrow.
Calm~~ Umm~~~